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TB, Human Rights and the Law: “Tell it like it is”

GroupStop TB Partnership’s workshop on TB and human rights this week fired up a diverse group with plans for action. The meeting brought lawyers and community activists together with UN agencies and donors to brainstorm ways to use the law and community empowerment to mobilize faster action on TB.

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More maps for health rights activists

Noaa_theb1713_1A few months ago I wrote a quick overview of some maps of laws that affect the HIV response. I promised then that I’d post an update if more maps came to light. The launch of the new Sustainable Development Goals seems to be sparking a lot of new maps and indicators, so this may become a regular topic.

For now, here’s three new (or rather, new-to-me) maps on health and human rights. Continue reading

A map of maps for AIDS activists

KartographWondering which countries have which kinds of laws and policies affecting HIV and key populations? You can find out on these maps.

Basic HIV data: On this site, UNAIDS reports on the data it collects from countries on their progress on global HIV indicators.

The map shows country-by-country coverage of HIV services for sex workers, men who have sex with men, and people who inject drugs, for example. This is searchable, easy to use, with data presented in both maps and tables. If you’re not sure what the shorthand used to describe the indicators really means, the indicators are defined in detail in this guide.
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