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cropped-nurse_and_soldier_detail_victory_bonds_llandovery_castle_cropped-2Human Rights Activists Respond to COVID-19

Do we need to give up some human rights to bring the coronavirus outbreak under control? Could human rights offer us a way out of this global crisis? Every two weeks, a roundtable of inspiring activists from the global north and south will explore these questions for forty minutes — introducing the global human rights movement, one amazing activist at a time. Moderated by Meg Davis in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Episode 4: Who will be left uncounted in data on COVID-19? | June 14, 2020

Jolovan Wham (Singaporean activist and social worker), Shirin Heidari (GENDRO and Graduate Institute), and Marina Smelyanskaya (Stop TB Network) discuss what is being measured and who we may be missing in a discussion of the politics of data in the COVID-19 crisis.

Episode 3: Is violence against women (including trans women) on the rise? | May 29, 2020

Tina Alai (Kenyan human rights lawyer), Karyn Kaplan (Asia Catalyst), Margaret Mbira Omondi (Women Concerns Center, Kenya) and Prem Pramoj Na Ayutthaya(Rainbow Sky Association, Thailand) meet online to compare notes on how community networks are proving a lifeline for those vulnerable to gender-based violence in teh COVID-19 crisis, from girls in evacuation camps in rural Kisumu, Kenya, to transgender women isolated in lockdown in urban Bangkok, Thailand.

Episode 2: Can we police our way out of the pandemic? | May 15, 2020 

A conversation about criminalization and policing the pandemic, with Edwin J. Bernard (HIV Justice), Felicita Hikuam (AIDS and Rights Association of Southern Africa [ARASA]), and Mikhail Golichenko, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

Episode 1: When the virus comes in the door, do human rights go out the window? | May 1, 2020

This introductory episode explores the big questions: What are the tradeoffs countries must make between public health and individual liberties? What are the tradeoffs we just cannot accept? We explored these questions with Scott Burris, Professor of Law and Public Health at Temple University; Patrick M. Eba (Ph.D.), UNAIDS Country Director in the Central African Republic (CAR); and Yaqiu Wang, China researcher at Human Rights Watch.