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Monkey on a Mission

674px-Squirrel_monkeyFor the past few years, I’ve been monkeying around with an adventure story for kids. It’s now finished and online as a serial, with a new chapter each week.

Monkey on a Mission is loosely based on the Chinese classic, Journey to the West. In ancient China, a misbehaving monkey just can’t stop getting into trouble. When Monkey gets into the biggest trouble in the history of the universe, the Jade Emperor, who lives in the sky, orders Monkey to find the Buddha and bring back a copy of his famous book.  The only problem: the Buddha lives far away, across the Silk Road, in India.

To find the Buddha, the little monkey must cross rivers, deserts and mountains, and fight giant demons. Luckily he has three friends to help him finish the mission: a teenager, a pig, and a wise monk.

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